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Publisher of TPQ, Mr. Koprulu is Attending CPAC 2023

Publisher of TPQ, Mr. Kemal Koprulu is attending CPAC 2023 taking place in Washington DC as a Distinguished Media Representative. He will conduct various interviews as well as meetings with some of the most influential people in the American politics. While doing so, he will describe our work and TPQ's 20-years-long success in dicussing the global affairs.

The Conservative Political Action Conference is the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world. After two years of hosting various gatherings in Florida and Texas, CPAC returns to Washington, DC in 2023.

You can follow the program from here.


Some of the most highlighted speakers from the event:

Donald J. Trump - Former President of the United States of America.

Marsha Blackburn - Senator from TN

Mike Braun - Senator

Dr. Ben Carson -  Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development



March 3, 2023 -

10:00 AMMr. Koprulu gifted a hard-copy of TPQ to Donald Trump Jr.



9:00 AM - Mr. Koprulu had a nice talk with Mike Lindell, an American businessman and political activist.




This web page will be updated with respect to the interviews and other meetings Mr. Koprulu will have there.



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