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Pınar Akıntürk became the administrative supervisor of the TPQ in August 2022. A  graduate of Istanbul Technical Univercity’s Department of Business Administration and worked as a bankarian and financial specialist for 26 years. She knows Advanced-level English and Intermediate-level Russian.

Aybars Arda Kılıçer is a PhD Candidate in Political Science and International Relations at Koç University, Istanbul. He holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University and an MA in International Relations from Koç University. He wrote his master's thesis on "Assessing Regime Survivability During Civil Wars: A Comparative Analysis of the Russian (1917-22) and the Spanish (1936-39) Civil Wars". He specializes in Comparative Politics, specifically interested in Balkan Studies, Caucasian Studies, Studies of Post-Soviet Sphere, and Security Studies. Since August 2022, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Transatlantic Policy Quarterly (former Turkish Policy Quarterly). Apart from being a native Turkish speaker, he is fluent in English and knows Russian at the pre-intermediate level.




Mübin Salih Sarıçiçek joined the TPQ team as an Editorial Intern in September 2023. He is studying Political Science & International Relations at Boğaziçi University, and his primary research interests include International Politics, Internal Politics of Türkiye and Middle East Politics. 




Ozan joined TPQ in November 2023 as the representative of journal in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. He is a graduate of Marmara University, Department of Law. At the moment, he pursues a MA in Public International Law at SPBGU. His research interests include legitimacy relations between international politics and international law.

Lorenzo Somigli was born in Florence and is a journalist and press officer. He specializes in geopolitics and energy. His experience includes working in the Italian Republic's institutions. He spent considerable time in Mediterranean countries, especially Turkey and Lebanon. Since November 2022, Lorenzo assists as the Representative of TPQ in Italy. 

Teoman Kenn Küçük joined TPQ as an Editorial Intern in September 2019, and became an Editorial Advisor in March 2022. He holds an A.B in Government from Harvard College, and an MLitt in Legal and Constitutional Studies from the University of St. Andrews. In the past, he has worked as a researcher with HBS (Harvard Business School) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), focusing on issues of security, democratization, and education. He also writes articles on climate change and environmental policy online at Sense & Sustainability.

Ali Cihan Sarıkaya is a Media Coordinator at Opel Turkey. Prior to Opel, he was first Associate Editor and then Managing Editor at TPQ. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in International Relations at Galatasaray University. His studies are focused on security issues such as military interventions, energy politics, threats to global security, and the relevance of military organizations. Cihan became an editorial advisor in 2016.

TPQ's Note Welcome to a special issue brought to you by the exceptional staff of the World Bank Türkiye! It is both a pleasure and an honor to showcase their insights in TPQ. In "Addressing Climate Change in Türkiye: An Opportunity For A More Sustainable and Resilient Future," we delve into the pivotal role of green finance in Türkiye's journey towards sustainability. This issue...