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Pınar Akıntürk became the administrative supervisor of the TPQ in August 2022. A  graduate of Istanbul Technical Univercity’s Department of Business Administration and worked as a bankarian and financial specialist for 26 years. She knows Advanced-level English and Intermediate-level Russian.

Aybars Arda Kılıçer joined TPQ as an Editorial Intern in September 2021, became an Associate Editor in January 2022 and the Managing Editor in May 2022. Since August 2022, Aybars is the Editor-in-Chief of TPQ. A graduate of Bogazici University's Department of Political Science and International Relations, he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Relations at Koç University. His research interests include the Political Economy of Authoritarian Regimes, Politics of Democratization, and Post-Soviet countries.




Ali Demircioğlu joined TPQ as an Editorial Intern in July 2022, and became an Associate Editor in September 2022. He currently studying Political Science & International Relations and double major with Law in MEF University. His primary interests are Security Studies, International Politics, and International Law.

Teoman Kenn Küçük joined TPQ as an Editorial Intern in September 2019, and became an Editorial Advisor in March 2022. He holds an A.B in Government from Harvard College, and an MLitt in Legal and Constitutional Studies from the University of St. Andrews. In the past, he has worked as a researcher with HBS (Harvard Business School) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), focusing on issues of security, democratization, and education. He also writes articles on climate change and environmental policy online at Sense & Sustainability.

Ali Cihan Sarıkaya is a Media Coordinator at Opel Turkey. Prior to Opel, he was first Associate Editor and then Managing Editor at TPQ. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in International Relations at Galatasaray University. His studies are focused on security issues such as military interventions, energy politics, threats to global security, and the relevance of military organizations. Cihan became an editorial advisor in 2016.

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Foreword Israel, formally known as "The State of Israel," was established on 14 May 1948, and has since played a pivotal role in international affairs, particularly in the politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors have been tense for decades, and a lasting peace has never appeared more likely. Yet, we already live in a time of perpetual change,...