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"This special edition, that you have kindly dedicated to NATO's New Strategic Concept, is another concrete example of your professionalism and your ability to follow and cope with the international agenda and anticipate the readers' interests and needs. Its is in my view an invaluable contribution to the ongoing process on the NSC, which is unique in the sense that for the first time, ever it included the publics's views from NATO and Partner countries. " 
Yeter Yaman, Brussels

"Given how intricate and fast-changing Turkey's geopolitical position is, some of the most useful contemporary writing on Turkey can be found in journals rather than books. Insight Turkey, published by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) in Ankara, is a very good, generally pro-government platform for Turkish and international authors. Turkish Policy Quarterly, published by the ARI Movement, in Istanbul, is another excellent source, with a bit more distance from AKP, Turkey's ruling party. And leading Turkey-based writers contribute lively analyses to On Turkey, a biweekly series published electronically by the German Marshall Fund of the United States."
Ian O. Lesser, Foreign Affairs, What to Read on Turkish Politics:  Click Here

“The neighborhood of Turkey is where important parts of our new future are now being shaped! And, TPQ brings the perspectives that are essential for shaping the right policies for this new future.”
Carl Bildt, Stockholm

An essential source for anyone seeking informed and objective analyses of key developments in Turkey today.”
Antony Giddens, London.

“TPQ's compelling, well-written and edited content has always made it good reading. But now Turkey’s dramatically changed place in the world makes it must reading.”
Fred Kempe, Washington, DC.

“TPQ is the journal I turn to when I want to understand the world inwhich Turkey lives and operates, a world which I expect my students and colleagues to understand as well. TPQ restored my faith in opinion/analysis journals by its exquisite ability to frame questions, define themes and select contributors. My association with the TPQ process has become a source of pride.”
Gerard Libaridian, Ann Arbor, MI

“Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is doubtless an excellent source of information and analysis as well as of the visions emanating from the countries of the region."

TPQ’s highly professional material and attractiveness make it, I would say, a unique publication. I particularly value its sympathetic feature that among its authors you find not only analysts but politicians as well. I cannot imagine studying the regions’ politics without reading TPQ.”
Alexander Rondeli, Tbilisi

“For those interested in Turkey, including Turkish scholars such as myself, Turkish Policy Quarterly has become an indispensable source as a means of getting informed analysis on current affairs. By bringing together Turkish and foreign experts, TPQ offers a highly varied and uniquely rich perspective in understanding Turkey’s politics and international relations.”
İlter Turan, Istanbul

Foreword The Balkans, a region often caught in the crosscurrents of global power dynamics, stands as a testament to the intricate and evolving geopolitical landscape. Historically a bridge between East and West, the Balkans today are a focal point of strategic interests from major global players, including the European Union, NATO, Russia, and Turkey. The region's journey through the post-Yugoslav era,...